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 I would best describe her work as “imaginative photography”. Some of her pieces almost look like paintings!
Cendrine Marrouat
Randi Grace Nilsberg at @Randigracenilsb on twitter is a gifted photographer. Her work is shown on her webpage at the link below. I have ordered her work online. It is as easy as clicking a button and beautiful when it arrives. As you can see from the site she produces each work at the time you order it and can ship it worldwide. Take a cruise through her galley. I promise you'll find something you can't resist.
                                       Theresa Snyder

From stunning Still Life photography, artistic landscapes, divine macro images, majestic dogs and people portraits and much more, Randi Grace Nilsberg’s fine art photography and art are both impressive and distinctive.

Her thorough understanding of composition, colour and design is revealed in her excellent work.

Some of Randi’s Still Life has a theme of a certain colour, such as red, or objects such as Umbrellas or Feathers. Besides a very cute puppy, her current Instagram work show’s beautiful Still Life compositions that are expertly styled with glistening, textured, painterly backgrounds.

Her enchanting series ‘Winter Blues’, turns trees and branches into magical wintery, photo artwork; and something close to my heart, ‘Pretty Dead Stuff’, reveals dying flowers in all their faded glory, displayed with beautifully coloured and textured backgrounds.

Thankfully all of Randi’s photography and artwork is available to purchase.

D700 18287 m texture signert.jpg
Greetings to a beautiful young lady, I thought I'd better stop by your lovely gallery to see what's shakin'. You weren't kidding when you wrote in your eloquent biography that you like to experiment with different techniques and styles. Your gorgeous gallery is the ultimate showcase of aesthetic expression. One of the things I really love about your work, Randi, is that you see beauty in simplicity. I really admire that. Much kudos to you, my lady. You're making the world a lovelier place for us all through your inimitable art.
 Good news my prints have arrived and i am very " VERY PLEASED " with them, They are fantastic and the quality is superb, I am looking forwards to framing them later this week. I will send you a photo of the finished job, Once again thank you Randi for your beautiful photography and your artistic excellence. Xx.
All of Randi’s creations — landscapes, still life’s, greeting cards or any other genre — show the same ability to present the ordinary is such a manner that it becomes extraordinary. 
                                          Mark Myhaver
How many hours are there in a day? Not nearly enough to admire the beauty of your work, Randi. Turning everyday items we see in passing into thoughtful works of art is such a talent - and you more than succeed. Love everything you do but today I choose this as a definite fav for my collection.
                                          Rene Crystal
Randi professes no preference for subject matter; and even a cursory glance over the sample images show her proficiency at capturing the moment happening on the other side of the camera lens.
                                               Scott Reed
I'm honored to have been promoted on bestselling author Mary Deal's website! 
Click here to read more and to meet Mary and her art and books as well as other creative friends of hers!  
D700 8596 textures u signatur 3 Mb.jpg
Ahh...Your Grace,
Once again your talents spill out.
I love how your colors and textures subtly combine to portray the main character. 
You find the heart through the eye.
You, your talents and your work all share a remarkable beauty.
Thank you!
Only the best,
D700 15359 textures poster edge 2 signer
You see beauty in so many things, even the simplest and most common of objects because you have beauty in your soul, my lady. Beauty emanates from the human soul. It's NOT out there. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, " TO THE ILLUMINATED MIND, THE WHOLE WORLD IS BURNING AND SPARKLING WITH LIGHT." The beauty I see in your gallery is a reflection of the beauty of your spirit.
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